If you are interested in chairing or participating in a committee, contact Cheri Jordine

Car Washes

The marching unit holds car wash fundraisers several times a year. These events are fun and they help keep the town’s vehicles looking sharp.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing and maintaining the organization’s governing documents and recommending changes to them as needed.

Equipment /Star Crew

The Star Crew handles all of the moving and set up of the instruments for our field shows, competitions, exhibitions and parades. We have a great time and all helpers are welcome.

Fundraising: Merchandise

NMUPA sells Northstar merchandise at home games, Northstar concerts and various other events at Nottingham, such as Back To School night.

 Fundraising: Unit

NMUPA also participates in several fundraising opportunities throughout the year including pie sales during the holidays, Wawa shortie coupons, Candy, Bagging at Shop Rite, holiday flower sales. Along with merchandise sales, money raised through these activities helps to buy new equipment, pay for the unit banquet, and fund scholarships. These activities are announced on our Fundraising  page as they are scheduled.

Fundraising: Student Trips

Each year NMUPA offers the students several opportunities to obtain trip credits to help defer the cost of the Marching Unit trip to Disney or New York. The students obtain trip credits through fundraising efforts. All fundraising is voluntary, but the more you and your student sell, the more credits your student will receive. Information about this year’s fundraisers is forthcoming.

 50/50 Committee

NMUPA holds a 50/50 license with the township, which allows us to sell 50/50’s at home football games and other events such as concerts. We are looking for volunteers to sell 50/50’s during the the first half of home football games. Your time will count toward volunteer hours.

Marching Unit Banquet

Each spring we hold a dinner banquet at which all marching unit students and their families are welcome. The members of the marching unit pay a discounted admission fee, and family members pay full price. It is a fun evening for everyone with dinner, dancing and awards for the students.


Our annual membership fee of $10.00 per parent/ guardian is used for refreshments for students at games and competitions and for the Band Camp Family Picnic in August.

Parent or guardian membership is required for each year the student is in the Marching Unit if they wish to apply for an NMUPA scholarship as a senior. November 30 is the deadline for joining in order to be able to apply for a scholarship.

To join NMUPA, please fill out a copy of the membership form and have your student place it (in a sealed envelope along with your membership dues) in the NMUPA mailbox in the band room.

 Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for recruiting and presenting a slate of candidates for the elected positions in NMUPA. The committee meets in the winter months and presents the slate in April.



During the football season and throughout the year there are events where we need refreshment donations and volunteer help, including concerts, Back to School Night, and more. Each donation of a case of water or pre-packaged snacks (nut-free please) counts as 15 minutes toward the *4/6 hours of volunteer time in order for your child to qualify for a NMUPA scholarship.

Remembrance/Hall of Fame Blocks

Hall of Fame blocks are blocks on the walls of the music hall that are painted with Marching Unit students’ names.

Candy Grams and Air Grams

Candy Grams  and Air Grams can be purchased at all home football games and concerts. The Candy Gram committee will deliver your personal message and candy to the Marching Unit students (or staff or crew!).


The Scholarship Committee coordinates fundraising activities for the scholarship fund and helps evaluate scholarship applications.

Other Committees

Our other committees include ones for specific one-time events: Band Camp picnic, Eighth Grade Orientation, Senior Recognition and corsage making, Disney, Broadway Trip, Jazz Fest, Parades and other events that arise throughout the year.

Bylaws and Standing Rules

Changes to the governing documents for NMUPA have been adopted each year for the past several years.
The latest versions are available on the forms page.


In order for a student to be eligible for a NMUPA scholarship …

  • the student’s parent or guardian must be a member of NMUPA for every
    year the student is in the Marching Unit. This is just a $10.00 annual fee
  • the student’s parent or guardian must donate *four/six hours of volunteer
    time per student per year in the unit
  • the student must donate *four/six hours of volunteer time per year in the

The scholarship committee may also inspect records of applicants regarding disciplinary actions, such as suspensions, incurred as a result of behavior during school-sanctioned events.

The Marching Unit Directors (Band and Band Front) keep records of each student’s participation, attendance, etc. throughout their involvement in the Marching Unit. These records are also used to determine eligibility for a scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded from the NMUPA general fund. This means that fundraisers support scholarships as well as other initiatives such as instrument and other equipment donations that NMUPA makes to the Marching Unit. Please participate in this year’s fundraisers so the Association can support the Unit and fund as many scholarships as possible.

* In June, 2017 the NMUPA membership voted to amend the bylaws with regard to volunteer hours. Beginning September, 2017, new Marching Unit students and one parent per family must volunteer six hours each in order to be eligible for a NMUPA scholarship.